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The objective here is to move minds and produce more ideas and share these ideas.

The concept of block funding has been discussed by our leaders for many years. It was linked & continues to be linked to decision making authority. Presently all "Public" funds are negotiated and "earmarked" for specific envelopes and can be used for no other purpose; i.e. Health and social services dollars cannot be used for funding municipal construction of roads, and vice versa, municipal funds cannot be used to hire nurses or doctors.

Putting all the Nunavik public dollars from the Quebec and Federal Governments in one place where its use will be debated by those elected to do just that is very exciting, as it is not possible to do this with the present situation. KRG has its own Board of Directors and issues. NRBHSS has its own Board of Directors and issues, same as the KSB which has its own commissioners dealing with education and education alone. So the authority to debate and decide the use of these public funds will in the future be in the hands of one place, those whom are elected by Nunavimmiut, The Nunavik Assembly and Government. Let us pray that responsible people will both in the present and in the future be elected to put the needs and priorities of Nunavik ahead of their own for the betterment of Nunavik citizens.

Anything is possible, we need to inspire and sharpen each other, like iron on iron. Our youth are keen to listen to those that have experience. Our youth are getting more and more organized. We must remember where we came from . Those that got through years where they lost family to starvation are still with us. They are both BOLD and HUMBLE at the same time, virtues we, all of us need to aspire to.

So with boldness, humility, and firm resolve Nunavik continues to move forward to take responsibility, to act on and to decide its priorities according to the realities we face on a daily basis.


The Nunavik Government once established (end of phase I) will be in a position to negotiate with the Quebec and Federal Governments on new powers that are not presently in Nunavik hands. This is one of the great challenges ahead and hopefully it will inspire people who are concerned and interested to be involved in this Nunavik Government process. People who will look at Nunavik as a whole and not just as communities competing.

This is where the strength of the communities comes in, which is the Family as a unit. The family must be nurtured, fostered, protected, shielded and if broken healed. The family as a unit strengthens its members, it brings a sense of belonging, a sense of community. This is how Inuit survived what is considered a very harsh environment especially in the days of igloos, animal skin tents, no snowmobiles, no canoes, none of the comforts we are used to today. Still,... we can retain the values, the principles that helped our forefathers to survive. For example, the principle of sharing food, Inuit society did not have the formal greeting of "how are you?" it was more "have you eaten?". Those that did not have immediate family were adopted, and made to be members of their adopted family. Family is all important. It is never too late to reconnect with family.


Ask an elder whom you feel might have an idea of these values and principles in your community.

  • June 3, 2005
  • Harry Tulugak


I've been wondering if any action has ever been taken regarding Qajaq which is being used to make profits and is required to have a training to own and/or riding a Qajaq from none Inuk Qakaq builders. It makes it look as if our Ancestors did not invent it, it is our heritage and I feel we, Inuit, should be more involved and more control of our traditional tools and equipments.

  • November 15, 2005
  • Alec Niviaxie

Thanks for your comment Alec. We feel that the Avataq Cultural Institute is better positioned to give you a reply. Please contact them with your question.

  • November 23, 2005
  • The Negotiating Team

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