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We were sent this email asking for your point of view:

"Hi, My name is Jérôme Bouchard. I’m preparing a master’s thesis at the Université Laval, in Quebec City, on the political developments in Nunavik.

A few weeks ago, during the symposium on the Nunavik Government held in Montréal, Pita Aatami, the President of Makivik Corporation, said that “the creation of Nunavik Government will be innovation at its best. It’s about breaking new ground - finding solutions where none exist before. (…) With the creation of a new form of government, we will finally be in a position to take back what we had lost. The creation of the Nunavik Government will be an important turning point in this struggle”.

I would like to have your opinion on this vision of the Nunavik Government. Do you share the optimism of Mr. Aatami? What are the first words that come to your mind when you hear about more political autonomy for Nunavik? What do you think is the main advantage of the Nunavik Government for the Nunavimmiut?

I invite every Nunavimmiut to share his vision on the Nunavik Government. I would also appreciate to read the answers of the Nunavik negotiators on these questions.

Jérôme "

Thanks for the question Jérôme. We would like to have your opinions. How would you answer Jérôme's questions?

  • January 13, 2006
  • Webmaster


On optimism...

The optimism expressed by Mr. Aatami is one established as a goal by our Inuk leaders of the past.
The notion of "Governance" of our lives originates from the group of unilingual Inuit when they first started the Co-op movement in the late 1950's in Nunavik.

The first words that come to mind?...

That the people of the Nunavik region prosper and share the benefits of its natural resources.

That the people of Nunavik be blessed with wisdom and understanding to work with all who show interest in Nunavik.

That the people of Nunavik maintain the values and principles which ensured the survival if its inhabitants in what is considered a very harsh environment.

...the main advantage?...

The ability of our leaders both past and present to work with and make progress with all governments and parties that will have anything to do with Nunavik.

PLEASE!!... we (Nunavik negotiators) invite further questions and comments on the Nunavik Government from all peoples.

Harry Tulugak

  • January 13, 2006
  • Harry Tulugak

I share this optimism for Nunavik. The regional organizations will get a better niaquq(head) since they (org.) run as independents. The niaquq will not necessarily be one but a teamwork of leaders that hopefully have the same vision. Even if the vision has different perspectives on the hows to achieve it, I hope healthy debates take place on how best to take the course.

Our next course? We only need to build on things we have and build more on values we as Inuit had to leave behind. Now we can go back and incorporate our elders' visions and convictions. Now, our regional organizations don't have to fight over scraps and become so territorial. If we share, all get a piece. We will not be so divided and even if so at least they (poeple with different perspectives) will have a place to voice their ideas. Instead of being a bureaucracy we will be a democracy.

Now I just can't wait until our justice and correctional system are in the same niaquq. If at least the the niaquqs move here, we will be better off.

No wonder Nunavik does not reach its potential, the Niaquqs are not even here. Some are in Montreal, some are in Abitibi, some in Quebec City, some in Kuujjuaq, some in........... It's like we are governed from a far away country. As we have been since we were the Queen's Subjects.

What have we got to lose?

I see a better Nunavik. I see a Nunavik my great grand parents, grandparents, and parents saw. I see a Nunavik where my child will prosper and reach his potential because its in all of us. I have this hope and more importantly, I need this hope.

  • April 5, 2006
  • Lucy Grey

I agree with Mr. Atami's optimism in creating a new form of government,for our children's future generation. The negotiations between the regional organizations towards the self gov't; will strengthen and hopefully correct the already existing system which was the signing of JBNQA in 1975. The regional organizations in Nunavik would unite in one and create a solid foundation. Therefore, the Inuit in Nunavik would become stronger and more powerful in political issues.
The main advantage of this goal for the Inuit in Nunavik; is that their regional organizations will hopefully not be so divided and apart in servicing the population of Nunavik.THe chaos situations within each organization will hopefully dissolve; and each in every organization could work together and understand their mission; which is always our children's future generation.

Mr.Jerome, I wonder what you said about the political issues in Nunavik. I encourage you to keep up and follow up with it, because this is ongoing process and the new ideas always come up.

  • August 26, 2006
  • Geela Echalook

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