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With the launching of the Nunavik Government website we created a contest, 'Write a Comment and Win', encouraging people to post comments to the Discussion Topics section of the site. Many opinions and questions were posted directly to the website. Though a lot of the comments came from students, other people made comments as well. Because so many students participated in the contest, we decided to create a special student prize category, as a way to thank and encourage them.

The contest, 'Write a Comment and Win' has come to an end. Student winners are  Joe Keelan, Jaaka Okituk, Emily Keelan, and Thomas Hubloo. They received shirts donated by Makivik Corporation. The adult winners are Isabelle Guay and Annie K. Alaku. They also received shirts donated by Makivik Corporation.  Thanks to everyone who added life to the website by posting their comments.

Your opinions and questions are taken to heart. Please continue posting your comments.

  • June 23, 2005
  • Webmaster

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