Agreement-in-Principle (Summary:Part I)

This part sets out a number of overall statements about the AIP and its objectives.

Objectives of the AIP:

Part I indicates that the objectives of the AIP includes the creation of a Nunavik Government (Nunavimmiut Aquvvinga) through the amalgamation of existing public institutions in Nunavik, the establishment of structures and bodies for this new form of government, and the regrouping of existing funding arrangements into a new suitable regime. It also makes it clear that there will be a second phase of negotiations regarding new powers and jurisdiction for the Nunavik Government that will be subject to a Supplementary Agreement.

Overriding Principles:

Part I also contains the overriding principles for the AIP and the Final Agreement. For the most part, these are taken directly from the Framework Agreement which was signed in 2003.

These principles state that, as is currently the case with the organizations that will be amalgamated, the Nunavik Government will be non-ethnic in nature, open to the participation of all residents of Nunavik, and subject to Quebec and Federal charters of rights. The Nunavik Government will be established through amendments to the JBNQA, and as is the case with  KRG, KSB, and NRBHSS, it will be created under provincial jurisdiction by legislation adopted by the Quebec National Assembly.

Other overriding principles provide, for example,  that the Nunavik Government will include transparency rules and accountability mechanisms, that it will maintain and strive to improve the quality and level of public services in the region, and that the creation of the new government will not prejudice the rights of the Inuit, Cree or Naskapi as set out in their land claim agreements.


A “Definitions” section is also found in Part I . It includes technical definitions that often go into legal documents. However, some of the more interesting provisions define “Uqarvimarik” as the elected assembly,  the “Executive Council” as the elected representatives having responsibility over departments, and the “Nunavimmiut Aquvvinga” as the overall body which includes the  Uqarvimarik, the Executive Council, and administrative bodies and departments. In English, the Nunavimmiut Aquvvinga will be known as the Nunavik Government. The definition for the “effective date” is the day on which the Nunavik Government legally comes into existence and assumes the powers, operations, and facilities of the KRG, KSB, and NRBHSS.

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