Agreement-in-Principle (Summary:Part III)


This Part of the AIP is fairly short, but it addresses some very important points.

Essentially, it clearly states that all funding and resources provided to the KRG, KSB, and NRBHSS will go to the Nunavik Government. It also indicates that financial transfers from Canada to Quebec for education and housing in Nunavik will continue in accordance with current practices.

Part III also outlines how funds will generally be used within the Nunavik Government. With the exception of resources to be used to support certain centralized functions, funding associated with KRG will be used to finance the Nunavik Department of Local and Regional Affairs, monies associated with KSB will be directed to the Nunavik Department of Education, and finances for the NRBHSS will flow to the Nunavik Department of Health and Social Services.

The AIP indicates that it will be the objective of governments to work cooperatively to develop new funding arrangements that are suited to the Nunavik Government, including appropriate block funding agreements for recurrent programs and services. The Final Agreement will also set out a procedure to review funding regimes periodically.


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  • April 12, 2005
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