Agreement-in-Principle (Summary:Part V)

This Part deals with general dispositions and contains a number of procedural provisions concerning the AIP.

Consultation and Communication Strategy

Part V outlines a Consultation and Communication Strategy in which the
Parties agree to jointly respond to enquires about the negotiations, to
make joint statements or issue joint press releases about the
negotiations leading to the Final Agreement, and to generally assist in
providing information about the Final Agreement. It also specifies that
the Final Agreement will be published in Inuttitut, French, and
English, and that copies will be distributed to Nunavik households.

This Strategy also requires that, prior to completing a Final
Agreement, the Parties consult other Aboriginal Groups who have rights
set out in the JBNQA and Northeast Quebec Agreement north of the 55th
parallel, with particular emphasis on the Naskapi Nation of
Kawawachikamach and the Grand Council of the Cree Nation.


Part V explains that the AIP will only be signed after it has been
successfully ratified by Nunavik and the Governments of Quebec and
Canada. It goes on to state that the Final Agreement must be ratified
by the resident of Nunavik in a referendum. The appropriate federal and
provincial Ministers will be responsible for submitting the Final
Agreement for approval by their respective governments.

Other Dispositions

Part V indicates that the AIP will remain in force until the Parties
conclude a Final Agreement, that AIP can be amended with the written
consent of the Parties, and that the AIP does not create legal
obligations. It clarifies that legal obligations will be set out in the
Final Agreement.

This part also highlights the desirability of avoiding legal action
over the interpretation of the Final Agreement, and therefore states
that the Final Agreement will include a Dispute Resolution Mechanism.

Signature Page

Once ratified, the AIP will be signed by the President of Makivik, the
Quebec Minister responsible for Aboriginal and Intergovernmental
Affairs, and the Federal Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs.


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