Creating a New Entry (New Article)

First, let's look at what is different for Inuttitut entries:

- After you fill in the Entry Body, select your text and choose the font. You should do this even if the text already appears in Inuttitut
- Excerpt Field (there you write the English title, for Inuttitut Entries only)
- When typing Inuttitut in Word. It's better to type even the little special characters like ! ( ) ? " in AiPai. Otherwise, we run into problems when pasting text to this website.


For all Entries: Inuttitut, English and French, follow the steps below.

Ensure you are in the appropriate language.

Click on "New Entry".

In the window that appears, you will need to fill in some of the fields only:
Entry Body (for the first part of the message)
Extended Entry (for the rest of your message)
If your entry is in the "Discussion Topics", select "Comments - Open" in one of the small popup menus near the "Exccerpt" field.

Then, click on Preview

To fix some mistakes, click on "Re-Edit Your Entry" or if you are satisfied, click on "Save this Entry". Go the website to check out your new entry.

For Macs it,s better to use FireFox instead of Internet Explorer or Safari. Get the latest version of FireFox here.

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