Inuit-Quebec pact is based on trust and dignity

The Vancouver Sun (August 21, 2007) "A deal that will establish a form of self-government for the Inuit of Quebec could well be a model for the future of settlements with native people across the country.

The territory of Nunavik that will emerge would become a regional entity within the province of Quebec once all parties -- the Inuit, the federal government and the Quebec government -- approve it. Unlike other self-government agreements, such as the one signed with the Nisga'a nation of British Columbia, the Nunavik approach is not based on ethnicity or blood, even though most people in this part of northern Quebec are Inuit. That openness to others has always been a hallmark of the Inuit, and this deal looks like it will build trust between the Inuit and non-Inuit who find themselves living in this new entity."

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  • August 21, 2007
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