Prime Minister Harper's Speech

Prime Minister Harper hails land claims agreement for Northern Quebec Inuit

March 28, 2008, Kuujjuaq "...Still ahead is the final step in this process: regional self-government for Nunavik.  Our Conservative government believes fundamentally that the best government is often that which is closest to the governed, and that's why we are committed to delivering self-government for the people of this region.  Once again, I must salute Minister Strahl for his efforts on this file working closely with community leaders here and with the government of Quebec.  We achieved an agreement in principal to establish a Nunavik regional government and assembly in December.  The agreement sets the stage for Aboriginal self-government in this region and I understand everything is going along on the track to get done on schedule.  It will give all Nunavik people a say in how their children are educated, how their health is protected and how their public infrastructure is developed, and it will complement the goals of the land claim agreement that we're celebrating here today by giving the Nunavik Inuit even more control over their social and economic destiny...."

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  • May 29, 2008
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