How will the Implementation Plan be developed?

To give an idea of the complexity of the Plan, let’s look at the following numbers: the Agreement-in Principle had some 40 pages; when completed, the Plan will have twice if not thrice that number.

Also, in order to reach the Agreement-in-Principle, the three Makivik negotiators have consulted perhaps some fifty elected representatives of Nunavik, either directly or through the Policy Committee. For its part, the Implementation Plan will mobilize the officers, employees and Union representatives of the three organizations to be amalgamated and will count on the contribution of Quebec and Canada civil servants, so perhaps some one hundred people in all.

So, as a first move, the Quebec, Canada and Makivik negotiators set up a first core of people responsible for designing and developing the Implementation Plan. The first task of this working group was to make a list of all implementation activities out of a comprehensive reading of the Agreement-in-Principle.

The members of the working group have then listed 23 activities that must be executed for the creation of the government of Nunavik.

As soon as this list was compiled, the members of the working group realized that the task was too great and that they needed to find expertise where it can be found, that is within the staff of the three organizations. Several meetings have been held with representatives of these organizations and, in the Spring of 2005, each decided through a resolution taken by its administrative committee, to name two of its officers to directly participate in the preparation of the Implementation Plan.

Consequently, six officers representing the three organizations have joined the first working group comprised of representatives of Makivik, Quebec and Canada. This new committee is still nameless — for the moment, let’s call it the “G6” — and will become truly responsible for the development of the Implementation Plan.

With this new G6 we can count on the first-class expertise of Ida Saunders and Nancy Maloley from KRG, Annie Grenier and Claude Gilbert from the KSB, as well as Silas Watt and Jean- Guy Létourneau from the NRBHSS. These 6 representatives of the organizations also have the authority to call upon any other experts the help of which is deemed necessary for the development of the Implementation Plan.


Is the Nunavik Government finally about to happen?

What is the Implementation Plan?

What will the Implementation Plan include?

How will the Implementation Plan be developed?

How much time is needed to prepare the Plan?

  • August 27, 2005
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