Is the Nunavik Government finally about to happen?

Since we are already speaking about its implementation, should one think that the Nunavik Government is finally about to happen? This question, we hear it often and formulated in many ways. “When will this government be”, people ask, “and how much longer must we speak about it”?

True, years are passing by and even though we keep reminding ourselves that negotiations are progressing, from one step to the other, the end remains elusive. Why is it so complicated to create a government?

First, let’s remember that most countries in the world, as well as the governments that rule them, were created following armed conflicts. We know that, in the course of history, wars have multiplied, most often provoked by man’s natural ambition in wanting to enlarge their territories and they have more than once shaped the political landscape of the world.

Canada is no exception. First conquered by France, it was then re-conquered by England, which governed it for a long time from London as a simple colony. Canadians had to wait patiently a century before obtaining their own government.

It should also be recognized that the creation of governments deals first and foremost with the sharing of land, an increasingly rare commodity, said an American writer, since we no longer fabricate it, and each time it raises the same passionate feelings. All the world’s citizens live on the same Earth, and all have reasons to claim more than their shares. Fortunately, there are today other ways to do that, besides war.

In Nunavik, negotiations followed a more civilized path but were highly complex as evidenced by the numerous difficulties that had to be overcome in the past. Today, however, one can say that they are not only well underway, but as they have reached the threshold of the Agreement-in-Principle, they are approaching the point of no return. Another proof of progress is that negotiators are now confident that they’ll soon reach a Final Agreement and, already, they are working on the
implementation of the future government.

Indeed, in March 2004, Quebec, Canada and Makivik negotiators created a working group and mandated it to develop an Implementation Plan for the government of Nunavik.

Is the Nunavik Government finally about to happen?

What is the Implementation Plan?

What will the Implementation Plan include?

How will the Implementation Plan be developed?

How much time is needed to prepare the Plan?

  • August 26, 2005
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