An Encore to the Symposium

It appears that the Nunavik Government Symposium that took place on November l5, l6 and l7, 2005 in Montreal was considered by many as a success story that calls for an encore.

As a matter of fact, we have been invited on more than a few occasions to repeat such an event but, this time, in Nunavik if possible.  We have been fortunate enough to find a university network that is very interested in organizing this type of forum in partnership with us, and the various Nunavik Organizations.

This university network is called IPSSAS, which stands for International Ph.D School for Studies of Artic Societies and which organizes a seminar every year on various aspects of history, culture and languages of arctic societies, particularly Inuit societies.

So far IPSSAS has held three seminars, the first was in Nuuk (2002), the second in Iqaluit (2003) and the third in Fairbanks (2005).  The fourth  seminar will be held in Kuujjuaq from May 22 to June 2, 2006, on the theme of Self-governance in Arctic Societies: dynamics and trends.

What is IPSSAS?

IPSSAS is essentially a network of university research persons, teachers and PH.D students coming from different countries (USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Greenland, etc…) who exchange views and results of their research with each other and who meet once a year on a specific theme related to arctic societies.

When they meet in Kuujjuaq, there will be some 20 to 25 IPSSAS delegates involved, university teachers and researchers as well as PH.D students.

They will be in Kuujjuaq for 2 weeks, going through their own agenda but while in Kuujjuaq, they are hoping that the Nunavik Organizations will accept to make a special presentation to them on the theme of governance in Nunavik.

They are leaving the theme as general as possible so as to allow the Nunavik participants to express their views in true liberty.

We have two complete days to meet with the IPSSAS delegates and express our views on Governance in Nunavik, on the days of May 30 and 31, 2006 and are presently working on a plan of how we will do it.

More about IPSSAS

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