Discussed at the Policy Committee Meeting

The meeting of the Policy committee took place as planned on February 8, 2005, and was in the Board room of the Montreal Makivik Office. Those who could not participate in person did so by telephone from the Kuujjuaq office.

The following organizations participated: Kativik School Board represented by its President, Sarah Aloupa and executive member Charlie Watt Jr.; Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services represented by its Chair, Alacie Arngak; Kativik Regional Government represented by Johnny N. Adams, Makivik Corporation represented by Anthony Ittoshat and George Berthe; Avataq represented by Rhoda Kokiapik; Taqramiut by its President, George Kakayuk and Saputiit Youth by its President Jonathan Epoo and Treasurer, Jonathan Grenier. Other participants include the 3 Inuit negotiators, KSB lawyer Claude Gilbert and Makivik communication officer Lisa Koperqualuk. Pita Aatami, President of Makivik, Michael Gordon of KRG, and Charlie Arngak, President of Avataq were not able to attend.

The agenda included an update on the current negotiations, specifically to discuss sections of the Agreement in Principle. Two main subjects of discussion on the AIP was the issue of the Naskapi participation and involvement within the Nunavik Government. Terminology was also discussed to the extent that all participants agreed that it is important to have this Government recognized by calling it Government in both English and French, although it was still a question of how it will be officially called in Inuktitut. Should it be called Nunavimmiut Aquvvinga, Nunaviup Kavamanga or is there a better Inuktitut word to reflect the word government? The participants were also informed of the upcoming field trip to present the AIP to the communities.

The next steps in the negotiation process will be to start on the Final Agreement. There is already work started on the implementation plan which involve all the organizations implicated by the amalgamation. Other work to be addressed will be to look at future amendments to certain sections of the JBNQA and Quebec laws to allow the transition from the present situation to the amalgamation.

Other points brought up by the Kativik School Board were clarification of certain wording in the section related to finances and the role of the Education Committees.

The meeting ended on a very positive note with everyone agreeing that the discussions and exchange had been very respectful, rewarding and informative.

  • February 14, 2005
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