Education - always a hot topic!

Education and youth, themes that sparked the interest of participatants at the Kuujjuaq IPSSAS seminar. During her presentation, the president of the Kativik School Board (KSB) highlighted her organization's point of view to the spectators.  Mrs. Alice Nalukturak pointed out that it is important for the new government of Nunavik to recognize that funding now used for education should absolutely not be diverted for the use of another department in the future government. Another important point for KSB is that the education committees continue to exist in a Nunavik government.

Numerous questions and comments from the audience were addressed to Mrs. Nalukturak:

Comment - One elder mentioned that it is important to teach survival skills to students in our schools.
Reply - KSB is now working on such a program in partnership with Avataq. However, the full development and implementation of such curriculum is very costly and as of now it is not recognized by the ministry of education.

Question - How are we going to encourage our students to go in post secondary studies and to do what it takes to succeed?
Reply - KSB is now working more closely with Avataq and in partnership with a group from Nunavut. The objective is to facilitate the transition from seconday level studies to post secondary studies by providing an additional year of studies to students prior to them entering college.

Comment - It would be good if ordinary people felt more closely involved in education, whether it be in the development of curriculum or in the way schools subjects address the interests of the population in general.

Comment - A delegate from Saputiit pointed out that young people love to hunt and that should be encouraged as much as possible. Also, in his opinion language is the most important thing and everything possible should be done to preserve our language.

  • June 13, 2006
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