Nunavik Elders/Leaders Retreat

A group of  Nunavik elders will join executives and key staff members from Nunavik organizations for an elders/leaders retreat August 15 to 16. The retreat will take place at Old Chimo during the Arpik Jam, and will give elders and leaders an opportunity to exchange on issues that are important to Inuit in Nunavik. During this exchange present and future leaders will benefit from the expertise and advice that elders have to offer. Discussions are expected to center around social issues, namely the recent reports on youth protection, and other subjects deemed important for exchange by elders and leaders.

“As Inuit we have the responsibility to preserve and promote our language, traditions and culture and at the same time face the modern challenges of our society.  With this in mind, it is imperative that we are given guidance from the elders so that we may maintain the teachings of values, principles and customs important to our survival.  It is also important that we know what the elders have to say in order to make wise and well informed decisions on behalf of Nunavik.” – Minnie Grey

About twenty-five people representing Nunavik organizations and elders have confirmed their participation at this gathering.

  • July 6, 2007
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