Nunavik Governance Training Workshop

A Nunavik Governance Training Workshop will be held in Kuujjuaq from February 12 to February 14, 2007. The role of the Nunavik Organizations and their experience in the filed of training will be very valuable and no doubt contribute to the success of the workshop.

Given the importance of insuring the Nunavik Government is ready to
function on Effective Date and that the quality and standard of
programs and services that will fall under its responsibility are
maintained, the work for the completion of an Implementation Plan has
already begun. The Implementation Plan identifies all the activities
that need to be undertaken to insure the amalgamation of the 3
Organizations (KRG, KSB and NRBHSS) and the setting up and functioning
of the new Government take place in an orderly, timely and efficient

One of the most important activities of the Implementation process is the development of a Nunavik Governance Training Plan. In order to have the plan developed and ready to be implemented following the approval of the Final Agreement, the Nunavik Negotiating Team, in agreement with the Québec and Federal negotiators, has sought the help of Thierry Rodon, an outside consultant, to undertake this task. Thierry Rodon is an adjunct professor at the School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University and at the Political Science Department, Laval University.

The workshop was proposed to serve as a tool to discuss training needs in relation to the creation of the Nunavik Government and identify training options and methodologies. The results of the discussions and suggestions at the workshop will provide Thierry Rodon with some key and useful information which will serve to support the development of the Nunavik Governance Training Plan. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to identify some resource persons from the Nunavik Organizations, the provincial and federal governments and other organizations involved in governance training who will be consulted throughout the development of the training plan. Following the workshop and a first draft of the Training Plan by Thierry Rodon, the Nunavik Organizations’ officials and the Provincial and Federal governments’ designated persons will be given the opportunity to review and comment on the Training Plan.

Workshop Programme (pdf, 64 kb)

  • February 6, 2007
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