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We receive a variety of email from people living in many different places. This week we received the following question from a university professor in Oregon.

"I had a question about the formation of a new Nunavik territory/government:

1) Will the new territory be a Federal territory like Nunavut, or will it remain within Quebec, like Nunatsiavut did, within Newfoundland (or something in between)?

2) What timeframe would your best estimate be for this arrangement to occur?"

The reply to this frequently asked question is:

 “The Nunavik Regional Government will be a public government for the territory of Nunavik which is located above the 55th parallel.  This new form of government will be under the jurisdiction of the Province of Quebec.

We are looking to amalgamate 3 public institutions with mandates in education, health and municpal affairs into one governing entity and hope to accomplish this within the next 5 years or so.”  Minnie Grey, chief negotiator

More about how the Nunavik Assembly (or Parliament) could function in the future can be found in the article, Sivunivut Forum, issue 9 of the Nunavik newsletter.

  • June 27, 2007
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