Update on Nunavik Regional Government Negotiations

Representatives from the three negotiating teams met on June 28, 2007 for a final review of the Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) in all three languages. This cumbersome, but necessary exercise was executed to be sure that all three languages corresponded with each other. All changes and amendments made during the last couple of years of negotiations were verified, and “Regional” was incorporated throughout the text.

The position of the Quebec Government was that they would be more comfortable with the word “Regional” as qualifier to the word government. In their opinion “gouvernement” in French had too much of a significance to be accepted without such a qualifier. The Inuit were not willing to agree to this name if it was going to read “Administration régional du Nunavik”,  but since Quebec has agreed to call it “Gouvernement régional du Nunavik”, it was agreed to by the Inuit negotiators after consulting with the Policy Committee composed of the elected leaders of the Nunavik organizations. In Inuktitut the name “Nunaviup Kavamanga” will also be used.   This latest positive exchange has led to the finalization of the AIP.

Benoît Pelletier, the Quebec Minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs, (SAIC/SAA), is now leading this file to bring it to the Quebec Cabinet in early August. This puts things on the fast track, with expectations that the AIP will be signed at Katimajiit in August.

On the Federal side, the AIP has gone through the system and, in spite of the summer break, all efforts are being made to bring the AIP to Cabinet in time for Katimajiit.

The signing of the Agreement in Principle will be a great way to launch Katimajiit, scheduled for August 23, 24 in Kuujjuaq.

  • July 5, 2007
  • Minnie Grey

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