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Eleven Inuit students attending John Abbott College and two KSB student counsellors participated in a meeting with the Nunavik negotiators.

Minnie Grey and Harry Tulugak first placed the negotiations for Nunavik Government in their historical context: the Inuit governed themselves in the early days and need to continue to do so in order to keep their identity and their language. Many efforts have been made to negotiate a Nunavik government in the past 30 years and now the Agreement-in-Principle is ready to be signed by the provincial and federal governments.

After the presentation, the students had many questions. The subjects addressed ranged from KRPF, the similarities and differences between Nunavik and Nunavut, the funding regimes between Nunavik and the canadian and provincial governments, mining royalties, the extent of the power of the proposed Nunavik government to the opportunities for musicians in Nunavik!

minniegrey.jpgMinnie Grey sums up the evening: "It is very important for the youth of Nunavik to be involved in issues related to all areas of development in Nunavik. Be it political, health and social, education, local and regional issues. There is so much to do to improve life in our communities and it is through the youth that we can achieve success. If we are to govern ourselves properly, we need an active, involved and healthy society. Our wealth is our people and our youth are our future.

I was very pleased with our meeting with the John Abbott students because they were very attentive and interacted well with us. They had very relevant questions and are very interested in what happens now and what will happen in the future for Nunavik. I believe that with youth like the ones we met, we have a bright future.

After our presentation of the negotiations on what a Nunavik Gov't would look like, the meeting wrapped up very nicely with less serious activities. I think we all enjoyed it very much. It was a great way to connect."

lyndagiguere.jpgIn the words of Lynda Giguère, student counsellor at KSB: "... last night's meeting unearthed and clarified some issues with regards to self-government and the negotiations that are on-going. It is important for the youth to be informed and to understand the idea, requirements and issues involved in the field of self-government so that they will not only sow the seeds of the Inuit's future but reap the harvest as well. Gandhi once said, You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Opinions from the students will be published soon on this website. We invite to come back to read about this! You can see a group photo of the students with the negotiators or view a short videoclip of a discussion about the word "parliament".

  • November 30, 2006
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