Harry Tulugak

Mr. Tulugak is a resident of Puvirntuq. He has been actively involved in the socio-economic development of Inuit of Nunavik for three decades. Mr. Tulugak was Mayor of Puvirnituq from 1991-1993. He has served as a member of the executive of the Inuulitsivik Health Board in Puvrinituq from 1993-1998, and was interim director General from September 1997 to January 1998. Mr. Tulugak has held the position of Executive Assistant to the President of Makivik corporation.

Mr. Tulugak was instrumental in starting the Junior Rangers program in Nunavik. From 1972 to 1996 Mr. Tulugak worked at the Co-op Store in Puvirnituq in a variety of positions, from stock clerk to manager. He was educated in Puvrinituq, initially, and then in Ottawa.

He was appointed Chief Negotiator of the Nunavik Party to negotiate self-government in March, 1998, and served on the Nunavik Constitutional Committee in the late 1980s. He worked with Quebec’s Chief electoral officer Pierre F. Côté to organize a Nunavik-wide plebiscite on self-0government in 1987-1988. Mr. Tulugak was also directly involved in the preparation of elections for the Nunavik Constitutional Committee in 1988-1989. During this period he assisted in the preparation of a special insert in Le Devoir (April 1, 1989) on the issue of the Nunavik self-government process.

From November 1999 to April 2001, Harry served as Co-president of the Nunavik Commission and is now serving as Makivik Negotiator in the current negotiation process.

  • January 18, 2005
  • Nunavik newsletter

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