The Neville-Robitaille Report: Conclusions

The following quotes the late Paulusie Napartuk:

"The only way we can fix something better is for the white and the Eskimos to get inside each others thoughts.  So in the next year there should be more meetings like this."

The report concludes that: It is nearly impossible to transmit the dynamic atmosphere generated by this unique experience in human communication.  The meetings bubbled with human sentiment - with anger, fear and frustration, laced with good-humoured, genteel comments and with whatever sentiment it is that expresses the deep and seemingly intercultural conviction that come out of dialogue and discussion that improves mutual understanding and better ways of thinking and acting.

Even in those days, it was observed that some eskimos and indians had so completely adapted themselves to the life and ways of southern Canadians as to be almost indistinguishable from the member of that group.    Despite this observation, it was also said that they are still more "traditional" than "southern" in outlook and ways of doing things.

The meetings that were held were deemed as social mechanisms to be used not only to exchange information and views and as a way of "socializing", but of equal importance as a safety valve for pent up aggression, frustration and other human emotions.

In this sense, the team believed that the meetings were of immense value, that they can be said to be both the medium and the message.  It was hoped that they will be used extensively in the future by both governments, to advance the new dialogue that was begun.

This is the end of the summary of the l9-page summary of the Neville/Robitaille Report, dated July 6, l970.

  • April 24, 2006
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