Week 2 Contest Results

question_results_2.jpgIt was good to see many people submit answers to Week 2 of the Trivia Question contest. Thanks!

Again, here was Question 1: Which Inuit organisation was involved in the negotiations of the land claims agreement brought on by the James Bay hydro-dam development?

The correct answer to this question is: (b) The Northern Quebec Inuit Association who was interested in establishing some sort of regional government that would give Inuit real decision making powers.

Question 2 was: Why did the land claims negotiations focus on creating separate boards and organisations for the Inuit instead of a self-government for the Inuit?

The correct answer to  question 2  is: (a) Quebec was worrried about concentrating so much power in one organisation and resisted the idea of self-government for the Inuit.

Winners were chosen from correct answers in each of the three languages. For Week 2 the English entry winner is Alec Niviaxie, the French entry winner is Pierre-Luc Collin. There were no entries with correct answers in Inuttitut this week.  We will be contacting you, the winners, by email so that we can make arrangements to send you your prize.
All our contestants are encouraged to try again in Week 3 of the contest. Remember, the answers are in the History section of the website, so read carefully!

  • February 22, 2006
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