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The deadline to enter TRIVIA QUESTION CONTEST WEEK 5 is midnight, Tuesday, March 14, 2006.

small_question1.jpgIn nineteen eighty-three, the Quebec premier invited the Inuit of Nunavik to work on proposals for new self-government arrangements. Who was that premier?

(a) Lucien Bouchard
(b) Jean Chrétien
(c) René Lévesque
(d) Jean Charest

small_question2.jpgWhat is the name of the group formed in the late eighties whose goal was to prepare a draft constitution for Nunavik? This group was composed of six elected individuals.

(a) the Nunavik Governors
(b) the Nunavik Constitutional Committee
(c) the National No Committee
(d) none of these answers

Don’t know the answers? Look for them in the entry A New Round of Negociations, in the History section of the website. Read carefully. Only contestants with correct answers can win!

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  • March 8, 2006
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