Week 6 Contest Results

question_results_6.jpgCongratulations to everyone who correctly answered Week 6 questions of the contest!

Week 6 Questions were:

1) In nineteen ninety-one, the Inuit of Nunavik voted in a referendum to approve …

(a) the draft constitution developped by the NCC
(b) the creation of the Makivik society whose main goal was to attain self-government for Nunavik
(c) the amalgamation of the KSB, KRG and NRBHSS
(d) the creation of a national park in the Torngats Mountains

Answer: (a) "The draft constitution and the extension of NCC's mandate were formally approved by the people of Nunavik in a second referendum held in 1991.

2 ) Between nineteen ninety-one and nineteen ninety-five, negotiations between Nunavik and the governments of Quebec and of Canada were delayed by …

(a) the Charlottetown Accord
(b) the 1995 Quebec referendum on sovereignty
(c) efforts to reform the Canadian Constitution
(d) all these answers

Answer: (d) " Although these negotiations made some progress, they were interrupted by political discussions surrounding the Charlottetown Accord and efforts to reform the Canadian Constitution. … the negotiation process was sidetracked by the events surrounding the 1995 Quebec referendum on sovereignty "

For Week 6 the English entry winner is Mary Sala, the French entry winner is Anne Larcher and the Inuttitut entry winner is Alec Niviaxie.  We will be contacting you, the winners, by email so that we can make arrangements to send you your prize. All our contestants are encouraged to try again in Week 7 of the contest.

  • March 22, 2006
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