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First, a couple of general comments. The stats are only refreshed once every 24 hours so a function like "Who's On" is meaningless because it could dated back many hours. The monthly stats are kept on the server for only 12 months; after that they are discarded and can not be retrieved.

Most stats can be viewed by Month, Week or Day. It is possible to borowse stats of the previous months or weeks. With the calendar, there is also a way to set a custom time span to examine stats.

Here is the address to look up the stats for our website:

Server Domain:
User name:
Password: nordquebecois

Some of the stats are very interesting while others are meaningless. That is what the list below is all about.
- Executive Summary: Could be customized and sent to us by email each month or week

- Site Activity » Visits: A good indicator. A visit consists of many or one page. The visit times out when the browser quits and relaunches or after 20 minutes of inactivity. IXMedia's IP address is excluded form stats. Setting the website as home page in browser would skew the stats.

- Site Activity » Hits: Meaningless because hits include all calls to the server including the Css and the images.

- Site Activity » Page Views per Visit: Interesting

- Site Activity » repeat Visitors: Could be an interesting way to spot how many different visitors come to the website but visitors are only identified by their IP address (cookie feature is disabled) so this stats is not that meaningful.

- Site Activity » Bandwidth: We should keep in mind that hugo will check this out once a month. Past 2 GB of bandwidth used per month, an extra fee would be charged.

- Page reports » Page Views: Worth it. But watch for some pages that will lead the list but should be disregarded (.xml and .cgi). To view html pages, it might be necessary to choose "Customize » List Size » 100"

- Page Reports » Bad Requests: Could be useful to see what pages we removed are being linked by error.

- Page Reports » Entry Points: Again, the .xml and .cgi lead the way for now. But what is interesting is to see how the html pages rank compared one to another.

- Referral Reports » Referring Sites: To see who has links on their websites pointing to our website.

- Referral reports » Keywords by Search Engines: Useful to see how people find our website using popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN).

- Browser Reports » Browser Types: would indicate if we have people who are using old or incompatible browsers.

- Browser Reports » Browser Operating Systems: Which OS do people use?

- Geographical Reports: Not meaningful because only identifies the locations of ISP's headquarters.

Have fun getting entangled in these stats!

  • January 15, 2005
  • Webmaster

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