What will the Implementation Plan include?

Section 11.2 of the Agreement-in-Principle stipulates that the Implementation Plan includes the following elements:

• The identification and description of start up/transition activities and of permanent activities required to implement the Final Agreement and to establish Nunavimmiut Aquvvinga;
• The timetable required to complete each activity, taking into account the need to complete some of them prior to the implementation date;
• The responsibility and role of each party;
• The estimated cost of start up/transition and permanent activities;
• A training strategy;
• The identification of financing options and a cost estimation;
• The identification of economies of scale and others related to the amalgamation;
• A transition budget including transition costs and economies;
• A process to harmonize work conditions;
• Any other task related to the implementation of the Final Agreement required by the main negotiation table.


Is the Nunavik Government finally about to happen?

What is the Implementation Plan?

What will the Implementation Plan include?

How will the Implementation Plan be developed?

How much time is needed to prepare the Plan?

  • August 27, 2005
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