What is the origin of the word "Government"?

What does it mean?

  • February 21, 2005
  • Harry Tulugak


The Greek verb kubernân1 (to steer a ship or a car) was used for the first time as a metaphore by Plato to refer to the act of governing people.

That gave birth to the latin gubernare which took on the same signification, and by means of its derivatives generated a number of terms. One of these derivatives gubernantia by itself generated these terms in several different languages:

-French: gouverner, gouvernement, gouvernance, etc.
-English: govern, government, governance, etc.
-Spanish: gobernar, gobierno, gobernanza, etc.
-Portuguese: governar, governo, governação, governança, etc.
-Italian: governare, governo, governamento, etc.
(translated from French)

  • February 20, 2006
  • Naarjuak

JBNQA...How serious or how strong are the Inuit right in the agreement when it was signed? In Umiujaq area, we're in our early stages of creating a park, I heard that the federal had interests in this region and was going to ban Inuit from hunting overriding the hunting rights in that 1975 signing of the agreement. Please let me know if we're safe from losing our hunting rights, because I always thought that we'd never loose our hunting rights from my understanding of the JBNQA

  • May 22, 2006
  • Alec Niviaxie

«Hi Alec and thank you for your very interesting question.»

The Inuit aboriginal rights that we find in the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement are constitutionnally protected and are the strongest rights you can find in the Canadian Legal System. Not even a Federal Act adopted by the House of Commons or a provincial Act passed by the National Assembly of Quebec could alter or impact your rights without specific consent to that effect from Makivik Corporation.

It's not the Federal Governement but Quebec Government that is interested in developing a national park in the Umiujaq area. Peter Tookalook from your community is presently working very hard on this for the Kativik Regional Government. Because your hunting and fishing rights confirmed in the JBNQA are constitutionnaly protected and because the provincial Parks Act reiterates this protection, the creation of a park in your neighborhood will not alter or interfere with your exercise of your rights.


  • May 27, 2006
  • Jean-François Arteau

Hi there! Nunavik cruise...My Name is Lalli Betsy Annanack former residence of Kangirsuallujjuaq and I had resided in varias areas in a very short time and now living in Montreal as a student and resting to do better in the near future to reach my goals. I like to be part of nunavik questions about what my comments are and make it brief..I am somewhat happy about self Governing and part of me tells me to make sure it is independant one.I also give a hand to the political leaders that their work always seemed to be less that the social structure to be greater success to be a better issue.I am kind of humourous about that part...hand the social structure to Oprah Whrinfrey-hahah she will clean the place in no time...Anyhow, time can only follow itself .I like to be part in the future to be part of Nunavik candidates to Govern the Nation of Nunavik Society for a better future and I have hopes that when Nunavik Governs,, that it is better to be independent to become strong and firm to better and strenghten our future as Inuit Nations as free country and of course education is a key to our generation to come..and what had not been changed will remain the same when there are no changes in educational fields to those who had been there for years that does not even know what algerbra means to count on next generations to come and mostly to the work places.I suppose this could start me being part of my nation.

  • November 9, 2006
  • Lalli Betsy A.

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