Social Problems in Nunavik

‘Life in Nunavik’ was a popular discussion topic. Many comments made by young people expressed a deep concern about social problems. “We live in a society where there are a lot of social problems. How can we get a "Nunavik government" when we can't solve our social problems…”?

This is a good point for reflection and a topic for exchanging ideas. All societies have social problems and so does Nunavik. All societies work towards solving their social problems and Nunavik is no different. It is not realistic nor possible to solve all social problems but it is possible to make large steps in that direction.

We would like your opinions. What do you think the most important social problems in Nunavik are? What do you think should be done to address or solve them? 

address a problem: direct one's attention to a problem

  • May 25, 2005
  • Webmaster


Social problems in our region have changed over the last 100 years and we have gone through so many different obstacles that were either impose to us through necessary change (or otherwise), have had no idea what the consequences they could bring to our society in Nunavik in some cases such as alcohol & drugs, other new issues to deal with which has forced us to either adapt to or to struggle to improve or outright go against. We've had enough imposed on us and one of the courses we should take is to make sure that as a people to take control of some drastic changes that are just ahead. Whether we lack support in resources in any area we should also not forget that we have some unique ways of adapting to painful changes. Isn't that what we've going through that hundred years? We've survived the ironfist of change and we will stand up and continue to grow and contribute to the next generations future.

  • October 25, 2005
  • Bobby Patsauq

Nunavik has its share of social problems. Alcohol and drugs are symptoms of these problems.
All of the communities in Nunavik continue to search for ongoing solutions, each one doing what it can.
All of the organizations are doing their share (ie: Symposium 2005- Leading the way for our Children).
The Church leaders are working together with the Municipal governments to be awake to what is coming into the communities, good and bad and pray about them.
Nunavik has its "unique" Junior Canadian Rangers working with kids 12 to 18 years old.
Social services hold workshops on suicide prevention. We must focus on the positive prorgess we are making however small it may seem.
We have the Co-op movement as a concrete example of taking control of our future. This movement literally came out of the ground and today it is doing well over $100 million dollars annually in business with all Inuit at its helm.
We have our KRG, we have our KSB, we have our NRBHSS, we have our Makivik, we have our Avataq and many others, but... best of all we have each other to stand together and continue to grow and contribute to our future generations, there is HOPE!


  • November 7, 2005
  • Harry Tulugak

Give youth a vision for Nunavik, hope, it's the youth of today that will build the future Nunavik. Keep the circle strong!!! (translated from a comment in the French section of the website)

  • January 17, 2007
  • Christian PINAULT

Youth are the answer as mentioned by the previous commenter. We have to give them hope, but above all a future, with jobs, projects that involve them in the society with a high birth rate that is the envy of many peoples of the world, find jobs for the youth, infrastructure construction projects, roads, dwellings, mineral transformation, environmentally friendly hydro-electric projects, tourist infrastructure projects and computer networks, etc. , etc. , everything needs to be done in Nunavik.

A Québecois poet once said... “The best way to kill someone is to pay him to do nothing.” (Félix Leclerc)

It’s necessary to rid the Nunavik population of social assistance and create jobs, that’s the key to success a little bit like the “quiet revolution” during the 60’s in the south of Québec.

I have confidence in the Inuit people. (translated from a comment in the French section of the website)

  • June 27, 2007
  • Benoit Martin

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