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I love winter, spring, summer, and fall of Nunavik, especially spring when people go fishing together.
February 22 | Kangirsujuaq

I love everthing about nunavik, theres nothing like home
February 21 | Kangirsujuaq

I love nunavik cuz it's beautiful, loving people etc..
February 21 | Kangirsujuaq

I love the people, the tundra, the sky, the mountains, the hills, the cold weather, the sea ice and its sea mammals.
February 21 | Kangirsujuaq

I love the open land
February 21 | Kangirsujuaq

February 21 | Kangirsujuaq

Cold Weather
February 21 | Kangirsujuaq

Le froid
February 21 | Ivujivik

i like about Nunavik is that we can go out hunting and fishing anytime
we want,esecially when the geese arrive in the spring. Its amazing to
watch a goose or geese aproaching the hideout.
February 21 | Tasiujaq

February 21 | Tasiujaq

What I love about Nunavik is that its a very open spaced and very clean enviroment. i love going camping and hunting.
February 20 | Kangiqsualujjuaq

It's my home. People are nice, they wave and say hi whenever you see them.
February 20 | Kangiqsualujjuaq

I love the tundra and it is beautiful. I like to go camping in spring.
February 20 | Kangiqsualujjuaq

I love the land and there is freedom. You could also go out camping
winter or summer instead of being in the same place. The culture is
unique too. Also, it's not crowded here.
February 20 | Kangiqsualujjuaq

I love it because we can do anything we want and its a nice land.
February 20 | Kangiqsualujjuaq

I love the beautiful land with the trees, and some people are very kind people.
February 20 | Kangiqsualujjuaq

What I love about Nunavik is that its a very open and very clean enviroment.
February 20 | Kangiqsualujjuaq

I love that we are so free to do what ever we want like go hunting when ever or where ever we want.
February 20 | Geroge River

I love Nunavik for it's people that smile unlike people from southern cities.
February 20 | Here

The beauty of the land and the isolation it offers (sometimes the isolation is good depends on how you look at it). The people and the
determination we all have for a brighter future for one another.
February 19 | Kuujjuaq at the moment

I love Nunavik because: everyone says hi to you without being passed by, I don't have to lock my doors, fresh tea is waiting and offered in
every household, country food is shared for everyone!
February 19 | Kuujjuaraapik

la culture de son peuple
19 février | france

I love Nunavik because of all the beauty of the land that surrounds us, the fishing is awesome!!
February 16 | Kangiqsualujjuaq

histoire et la détermination du peuple
15 février | Montréal

February 14 | Ottawa

I am inuk from Nuuk, Greenland.
And I was in Kuujjuaq last year. Inuit naapitat nuanneqaat
inussiarneqalutillu :-) I would like to go there again sometime :-) 
February 14 | Nuuk, Greenland

February 14 | quebec

its peoples
February 14 | québec

I love Kangiqsualujjuaq and it's people.
February 14 | Quebec City

J'aime les couleurs de l'autumn sur le tundra
February 14 | Québec

It's Beautiful, the tundra
February 13 | Salluit

I love Nunavik Because There A Town Name Tasiujaq And The Land Is Soo Beautiful If You Come To Tasiujaq You Would Be So Surprise To See The Land Of Tasiujaq And walk On the Land The View You Would Luv
February 13 | Tasiujaq

I love Nunavik, because I love to being INUK and i pround to being INUK
February 13 | Tasiujaq

being inuk
February 13 |Tasiujaq

February 13 | Tasiujaq
It's my home, Yahoo! Yippedididoodaa!
February 12 | Salluit

I like Nunavik very much and no place like home in nunavik.
February 12 | Kuujjuaq

no traffic
February 12 | Puvirnituq

jouer au hockey
February 11 | Tasiujaq

Learning about the Inuit culture and  sharing  special friendship with Inuit people.
February 11 | Puvirnituq

The slower pace to life and the quietness
February 11 | Puvirnituq

I love the people.  They have welcomed me with open arms.  Amidst all their difficulties they are still a humble and determined people with forgiveness for those who have wronged them.
February 11 | Puvirnituq

I love Nunavik. But its the people who are the ones who make me feel home. Humble and kind, friendly and caring is what makes them able to give themselves to a better place to be.
February 10 | Inukjuak

I love visiting people in their homes, telling stories and laughing. We always have fun. I love the land. I walk everyday on the tundra and my heart is made full by its beauty. God is good.- Ellie
February 10 | Purvirnituq

Mes élèves
9 février | Puvirnituq

The land, the great outdoors, the food, fishing, picking berries, camping and most of all the people.
February 9 | Montreal

long daylights in the spring time
February 9 | Puvirnituq

La simplicité de la vie
9 février, 2007 | Tasiujaq

La neige, le plein air, l'air pure, les gens chaleureux, la spontanéité et la simplicité des Inuits
9 février, 2007 | Puvirnituq

Nous aimons la vie ici et surtout les gens  !
9 février, 2007 | Ivujivik

la neige
9 février, 2007 | Ivujivik

The people, the culture, the warm hearts, the sense of community, the
feeling that everyone bleongs! I found my Home in Nunavik, I wish I was
there! I will Definately go back one day.
February 8, 2007 | Cape Dorset

The warm and friendly people who always take the time to greet me.
February 8, 2007 | Puvirnituq

Because there is  no pressure to conform to stereotypes. Plus the fishing is good.
February 8, 2007 | Kangiqsualujjuaq

La familiarité et la gentillesse des gens.
8 fevrier, 2007 | Kuujjuaq

Le sentiment d'être parmi un petit groupe d'humains au milieu d'une immense nature et au sommet de la planète!
5 fevrier | St-Augustin-de-Desmaures

I love the people because they are unselfish.
February 5, 2007 | Inukjuak

People are friendly and humble, country food is the best.
February 5, 2007 | Inukjuak

The friendly faces I see and know.
January 31, 2007 | Quebec

The feeling of freedom, that I get when I sit on my skidoo or
my boat and being able to go anywhere I want without having to follow
January 30, 2007 | Québec

  • February 1, 2007
  • Webmaster


I have no description to how to began how I feel about Nunavik but, I know for certain thatI am proud to be from there and i work hard to serve the Inuit Nation in most of my abilities and for future to come I will still strive to go on to serve although I do not live there unfortunately,I am a student resting and have a job to serve my nation...and witin my heart there is always a glipmse of the greatness of good memories that will be there forever..proud...

  • March 23, 2007
  • Lalli Betsy Annanack

I Like Nunavik Espically my home town Salluit, There is no place like home free and relax like Nunavik and im so proud to live in fresh air.

  • March 29, 2007
  • Sarah

I like living in Nunavik cause we can take our time do go to work do do something with out ruhing all the time, no trafic.

  • April 17, 2007
  • Rebecca

Why I Love Nunavik:

I was born in Ivujivik. Apparently, my family spent some time in Akulliq (Southampton Island) Ikirrasarkjuaq (Hudson Strait). We came back here and moved by boat to Salluit in the late 1950's. Then I came back here in 1974 and have lived here since.

My people are nomads by nature. My past father's and mother's knowledge of Nunavik and the off-shore islands, such as Putjuna (Mansel Island) is proof that they knew hundreds and hundreds of square kilometres. Not only that - their knowledge extended to little nooks and crannies of these regions. Also, they knew the piculiarities of such places during all seasons. Furthermore, they knew the traditional names of every little place within this vast area. My past uncle, Tivi Paningajak, submitted his knowledge of the traditional names of these places to the Avataq Cultural Institute and the map that he did had scribbles to the point of filling of every available space.

My knowledge of such places only started to really surface after I had spent years and years of my teenage life and early manhood years in southern educational institutions. My friends and relatives have taught me knowledge of these places that were passed down from generation to generation. What I do know now is better than what outsiders know, for sure. My claim to this land is justified, I think, because I feel a kinship to it. And that claim is well into hundreds of square kilometres that I deem to be related to me, personally.

It's awesome to me to me that Inuit were geniuses. Without pen and paper, computer and telephone, without offices and executives, they made tools, clothing and modes of transportation from what nature had to give to them. Needles, toys, goggles, bows and arrows they made.

Nunavik is a vast region. Its people know each other well, since eons ago. The people, now matter how distant they are from their friends in the regiona, are close to each other, just as our forefathers were never far away from each other, in thought word and deed. I can trust on being made welcome wherever I go. That kind of courtesy extends from the fact that our people once faced starvation. So, we are offered good drinks and scrumptious food that is now abundant.

Our dialect is something that is to be admired. The language may be evolving, but is intact, essentially. I am of the belief that all languages evolve, incuding English. The language is still alive and well.

The lands and islands are pristine. In their natural state, they impress the Inuk. There are so many moments when Inuit are so moved by the peace, the beauty and the awesome power of nature. The high cliffs, the many birds, the caribou, the geese, the polar bear, the orcas, the belugas.... The list goes on. Inuit are natural conservationists, not intent on killing wildlife for revenue only. Our ancestors taught us to take only what is needed for now. The objective was to think ahead and to make sure we'd harvest well in the future.

One can leave the region for a while. However, if he is one that has any sense of adventure, sooner or later his heart will soon be in pain with homesickness. Such is the power of Nunavik.

  • August 16, 2007
  • Adamie Kalingo

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