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Government... [Paulusie]

Hi… in regards to James Bay and Northern Quebec agreement 1975 (JBNQA) just right after Inuit moved into heated houses as we use theses days, according to our ancestors and grand parents some say last Illuviraq (Igloo) and dog sledge were completely out in the years of 1950s and then the Provincial and Federal government employees started arriving into Nunavik to seek rocks and rivers, well few years after, the Quebec and Federal governments started to negotiated with local Inuit which they never had any education over LAW and ECONOMIC, my question now is according to our rights as aboriginal, do you think that Inuit can seek the lawsuit against the governments through supreme court of Canada to realize that Inuit were blackmailed by the feds and provincials (negotiating with uneducated politicians)? We know they paid $75 millions + which was way too low. As we all know Hydro Quebec now range revenue $9.25 billions only in 32 years. My English is week so please accept my writing; I am Inuk using my own language.

  • January 15, 2008    16:05:38

New government pact one step closer... [Eva Gunn]

First of all, congratulations Nunavimmiut! If Nunavimmiut aquvinga goes ahead in the future, where will be the head office?

  • January 9, 2008    16:54:03

New government pact one step closer... [Paulusie Saviadjuk]

Is this going to be another tax? I mean the name of government is tax so are we to govern third party government? 6.5% Fed, 7% Prov and what will be the Nuanvik tax? or are we finally realizing the tax after the reveal of Inuit as they were here before tax? like we said we didn't know how tax was! NON-NOT KNOWING THE TAX.

  • December 22, 2007    01:55:37

What do you think?... [Paulusie Saviadjuk]

What about mining the mineral today from Nunavik? how much tax do they pay to government of Quebec? how much does mining companies get as profit after the expenses? who are we dealing with are we dealing with the multi zillion dollar companies? who offers a .5% profit sharing? why not bring this up to public of Nunavik? could this be very interesting to look at and bring this to learn the history of Nunavik at school? knowing we do learn Jacque Cartier the explorer?.

  • December 22, 2007    01:45:31

What do you think?... [Paulusie Saviadjuk]

Land, Air and Water,

(How important is to govern our land)

Our precious goal, we’ve lost so much after 32 years since the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, as we can see today’s Hydro Quebec’s aftermath revenue income is amazingly at $9.42 billion dollars a year and a Net income was $1.95 billion dollars a year, employing provincial wide 22,586 to-date meaning $90 million dollars given to Inuit and Cree as compensation (section 25) (actually $150 million split to two) is now 120 times smaller than Hydro’s income. My point is thanks to those who seek the ownership of Nunavik and brining back the land to its people. Partons en arrière à 1975, comment se fait-il que le gouvernement du Québec et un certain fédéral étés en pourparlers avec l'Inuit qui n'a jamais assisté à l'école ni aux affaires de droit économiques ? Cette fois elles sont juste sorties des igloos (maison de neige) probablement 10 à 20 ans avant l'accord. À moi je pense que le gouvernement du Québec a fait du chantage à l'Inuit, je n'ont rien contre n'importe qui, pensée que mes pensées peuvent être aussi bien vues. Merci

  • December 18, 2007    00:38:33

Life in Nunavik... [Paulusie Saviadjuk]

The tax came to Nunavik while Inuit were already in the land surviving the nearly impossible. pisitialuit inuit, well I just hope things will go better with Nunavik on high taxes, more houses, more education how to defend the land of ours. We need to realize today our local and regional food and transportation providers are charging us way too high. We also need to realize Nunavik’s richness on rocks and rivers that could bring us an enormous funds to Nunavik.

Example Kuwaiti population: 2,335,648 combined Net Worth: $ 1.03 trillion dollars, Kuwait (1), 15000, oil, investments. The size of its province: 17,800 SQ KM

Nunavik population: around 10,000 combined Net Worth: lees than a billion? Humongous mineral land and rivers are ours. The size of its province Nunavik: 507,000 SQ KM

Nunavik has much greater chance of becoming multi million dollar province compared to Kuwait, Nunavimmiut should realize they have the greater ability to invest in their money since they hold a very large land compared to Kuwaiti, now its time to realize get your government, take over all the hydro rivers, mining companies and sell your own mineral and rivers world wide and invest good and wise, you earn this land, you came here first than any one in the world even the taxes weren’t around our grand fathers, yes 55 parallel north is very large land.

  • December 17, 2007    00:19:39

Charest to sign Nunavik agreement... [Aattasi Pilurtuut]

It is a great honour for Nunavimmiut to accomplished within just couple of years since the NQJBA was signed, they succeeded creating a self gouverning body that will benefit to all nunavimmiut.
I congradulate all those who worked hard to get to this signing of the agreement in principal, there is still alot to be done in the comming years.
We can make it happen by working togther making sure all nunavimmiut are served.
Keep up the good works.


  • December 1, 2007    09:26:34

I Remember ....... [Quebec City]

I remember many times when my mother-in-law would invite so many people over to stay at her place in Kangiqsualujjuaq that extra mattresses needed to be brought in the house to make room for them to sleep on!

This happened during the Holidays or when a special event was taking place in the village. People are always welcomed at her place. She is always willing, it seems, to share her house with people!

  • October 29, 2007    10:13:46

Is Culture Being Lost?... [Minnie Grey]

Good point! Let us all work to bring at least part of that level of education to Nunavik! I believe there is already work in progress in that direction.

  • October 18, 2007    16:04:28

Youth given greater voice in KRG... [Martha Palliser]

For the qajaq riders information to read by Uttuqi Arngaq, on oral history.

I also remember qajaqs being ridden. Riders use to keep pieces of dried intestines in their qajaqs and boats. I remember those and wanted to tell a bit about them. Intestines were placed on the openings of qajaqs to keep off the water. They're waterproof. They were scraped clean and tied to the rim of the opening.

  • October 18, 2007    14:58:17

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